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Catapult, a pioneer of sports science excellence, emerged from a pivotal collaboration between the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) in 1999. Tasked with revolutionising athlete performance analysis for the Olympic Games, this exclusive partnership resulted in Australia’s two most successful Olympic Games to date (2000 and 2004). 

In 2006, founders Shaun Holthouse and Igor van de Griendt, driven by precision and athlete safety, commercialised the technology after securing all the patents. From the original device, which was purely a GPS tracker, Catapult has rapidly developed a ‘performance technology stack’ encompassing wearable technology, athlete management system and video analytics tools, allowing for consistent performance monitoring in every training and match environment.

Today, Catapult's innovations set global standards in sports performance analytics. Working with over 3,800 elite teams globally across 40+ sports. It stands not only as a testament to Australia’s potential in delivering great innovations but also as a symbol of the global recognition and impact of Australian sports science, aiding athletes worldwide in achieving their peak potential.

Aura seeded the company in 2013, as the company’s first and only Australian institutional investor leading up to its public listing. As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) became ubiquitous, Aura assisted the company in transitioning beyond its wearable tech hardware origins to become a true SaaS company. In 2015, Catapult went public (ASX:CAT), which Aura served as co-lead advisors as well as advisors to its first major acquisition of XOS Technologies.