Aura Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm backing the creators of category defining technology companies

Want to join forces to take on the world?

We are always looking to partner with the best and brightest, especially before it becomes clear to everyone else.

Whether your idea only exists in your head or has thousands of customers, we would love to learn more.

We invest from pre-seed all the way up to Series A, with cheque sizes anywhere from $500k to $4M.

We are also thematic investors who study the market and look for structural shifts unfolding over the next decade and back companies in these sectors. 

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Josh & Paul - Founders of Foodbomb

How does our process work?

What is your stance on ESG?
Some businesses set out to actively address environmental, social and governance challenges and some do not. Whilst we don’t mind where you sit on this spectrum - we care deeply about the ESG footprint of your business. We also know that it’s not always perfect and in this respect – we are here to help.
What do I need to provide for due diligence?
Our due diligence process is all about us gaining a deeper understanding of your business and the market it operates in. Any materials that can assist us would be appreciated. Usually, this involves entering into a Confidentially Agreement before sharing a data room with us that contains basic financial models, sales pipeline and other supporting documents.
What is your investment process?
Ultimately, we work around your needs as the founder. If you need to close a round in a short period of time - we can accommodate your needs. Generally speaking, we like to get to know you over a period of time. We will have a few introductory calls to get to know each other. If there is still interest, we will progress to a more formal process where we conduct due diligence into the business. Finally, there will be an investment committee meeting with all the Aura partners to decide whether to invest or not. End to end this process can take anywhere from 2-7 weeks.
Do you invest in companies outside of Australia?
We can make investments outside of Australia and routinely do. Given our deep network in South East Asia, we have a preference for international companies located in the APAC region as we can provide more value add.
What industries do you invest in?
We are thematic investors who like to get a deep understanding of markets before making an investment. Our key focuses are fintech, e-commerce, sustainability tech & software more broadly. However, we are always open-minded to opportunity and deeply respect the role of the entrepreneur in uncovering emerging markets.
At what stage do you invest?
We are early stage investors from pre-seed to Series A. We have made multiple investments before a company has any revenue, although we do expect detailed business plans at the earlier stages. It is never too early to get in contact with us, even if it’s just an idea, we like to build relationships before you begin the fundraising process later down the track.