About Us.

Our mission is to spot the brightest technologies and help turn them into global winners.

We are an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of commerce.

Since 2013 we have partnered with outstanding entrepreneurs at a range of stages across a range of industries. Our focus is broadly defined, enabling us to invest in a spectrum of business models including: innovative retail experiences, enabling technologies, and SaaS and infrastructure platforms.

We like to get involved early in a company’s life cycle (Seed and Series A) when entrepreneurs need experienced partners to navigate the tough journey ahead.

Aura’s presence in the Asia Pacific region, through offices in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, enables us to leverage local partners and networks to assist entrepreneurs in new markets. Expansion into these geographies is an important pillar of our investment thesis.


Our Approach.

We are committed, disciplined, and professional – and we expect the same characteristics from our portfolio companies.

Experience has shown us that the partnership model is the best way for us to help companies succeed so we endeavour to be true partners for our entrepreneurs from day one. Our support is both hands on and strategic.

By identifying visionary entrepreneurs who are eager to disrupt industries – we are investing in the future. As such we are comfortable holding positions for extended periods to give our founders the runway they require to execute their vision.


Our Team.

We are a dynamic team of entrepreneurs,
investors and advisers.

Our view is that to help small companies navigate the challenges of scaling their business – it is important to have had real world experience doing this. Aura is led by investors who are former founders/operators, CEOs, and strategists of successful high-growth companies.

The team are passionate early stage investors and as a group, we possess a wide range of domain expertise that we leverage to assist our portfolio companies.


Calvin Ng

Founder / Managing Partner

Eric Chan

Founder / Managing Partner

Charles Wong

Venture Director


Tristan Terry

Venture Director

Eric Tran

Venture Analyst

Hamish Cuthill

Venture Analyst


Vicknesh Pillay

Venture Partner


Paul Harapin

Venture Partner


Adam Schwab

Venture Partner



SPV / Principal.

Pitch Us.

It is never too early to get in touch.

We prefer to invest after following your journey for some time prior to becoming partners.


Looking to make a difference?

Our portfolio companies are always looking for committed and passionate people across a range of functions. Feel free to upload your CV.