Why We Invested in Sahha AI

Portfolio Updates
November 20, 2023
Annie Liao

Our Investment into Sahha

We are thrilled to announce that Aura Ventures has led the Seed round for Sahha


We first met the team in early April this year and are beyond excited to be supporting them on their journey and looking forward to the impact they will have on many lives. The round is also composed of US VC firm Supermoon capital, Antler and various strategic angel investors.

The “thirst for data” in the HealthTech market is a two-pronged problem

In recent years, we have seen the widespread digitisation and fragmentation and “debundling” of the Healthtech stack into modalized services. 

This is fuelled by both a “push” from consumers demanding more ownership and more convenience solutions and also a “pull” effect as advanced in AI and ML now mean having a robust digital focus is table stakes to remain competitive for organisations e.g., insurers in premium pricing, consumer facing healthtech apps to drug adherence programs.

As a result of this paradigm shift, the market is at a maturing point for disruption. The inflection and readiness to adopt wearables tracking data by consumers is a testament to this e.g., Oura rings, CGM devices, advances in Apple Health API.

We believe there is still a gap in leveraging this data to drive outcomes and personalized user experiences.

Ultimately, the gap between applied neuroscience and UX.

To double click into this for example, for mental health, early, accurate detection and improved accessibility are significant pain points i.e., currently GPs only identify 47% of depression cases they see. Traditionally, the manual and often bias data collected through surveys or other subjective means allowing for more accurate indications on user health status. Globally, mental health has a staggering $1T+ negative economic impact and the market for solutions that seamlessly integrate into people’s live is booming. 

Forward-thinking companies with a robust digital healthcare strategy are turning to scalable, AI and ML technologies to align with this paradigm shift.

Sahha is the enabler to deliver personalised health and wellbeing

Sahha enables companies to understand how users think and feel at scale, enabling them to build meaningful, personalized health and well-being experiences.

Through Sahha’s API, companies can not only access essential behavioural, physical and mental health data but also comprehend it, empowering them to build compelling solutions that not only meet but exceed consumer demands. Sahha does this by building algorithms that guide their customer’s users towards positive behavioural change to create more resilient mental and physical health.

Their focus on product explainability is at the core of their ML models, as such they provide backed insights to give a sense of agency back to the user about their mental health. Their recently launched resilience models provide a privacy-first and accurate risk/resilience score for depression, anxiety, stress and sleep health that considers hundreds of behaviours and years of science.

Companies globally are adopting Sahha to provide more compelling value to individuals. There technology has use cases across health providers and insurers, EAPs, eHealth, mental health apps and even chronic health companies.

A scientific and entrepreneurial team

Building a world class, HealthTech API based business is no easy feat. First and foremost, the team is mission driven, developing their life’s work in this startup with a strong passion to tackle the problem which is personal and close to all their hearts.

They also have the right balance of neuroscience and business acumen to execute on it. Aleks is the founder and CEO of Sahha. He has a broad skillset, with a background in software engineering, product design and sales. He has been creating companies since 2014 with some still running today having passed the batton on. His tenacity is complemented by an agile team setup, which indexes heavily to technical, neuroscience and data science talent.

Sahha has been able to repeatedly attract the best tech, data and neuro-science talent in ANZ and SEA. Other core team members have PHDs in neuroscience and likewise are mission driven to determine.

The ‘corn’ of the crop

Our thesis behind Sahha aligns with our deep-dive into Generative AI (viewable here). From the very first introductory call with Aleks, the energy was amazing and we were vision aligned from a thesis perspective.

Sahha plays in a unique wedge in the Generative AI and AI / ML market landscape.

They are one of a kind. Their product is backed by extensive existing research in the field of digital phenotypes as well as their own scientific studies partnered with the University of Otago which has given them unique insight into the technology and allowed them to develop significant  IP from Day zero. Their product-led-growth strategy and platform agnostic nature allows for the rapid ensembling of data from each new customer meaning their product will get better and better with addition of RLHF. 

Just like corn is everlasting and pivotal for food produce, able to be processed into many different consumer goods, Sahha will be “table stakes” and the “corn” for organisations who want to advance their digital health strategies and require behavioural data and analytics on their customer. There unique API business model is a key unlock for this.

You can read more about Sahha in the Australian exclusive here and in the NBR here